Museum of Science and Industry


Despite its status as a beloved Chicago institution, most of us haven’t been to the Museum of Science and Industry since elementary school. We wanted to make the MSI more than a memory, and insert ourselves back into the cultural consciousness.

So we took a stand on curiosity—claimed with a tagline I wrote and that Rainer Schmitt brought to life with an eyeball logo you literally couldn’t miss. And then we published a manifesto that became the foundation of our campaign.

Following this we incited everyone’s curiosity by peppering the city with questions. From the poignant to the playful, we invited people to “feed your need to know” at the MSI, a place already that’s been working on the answers for decades.

The overwhelming positive experience came from the support of our client and the feedback we heard. Classrooms requesting posters. Employees wearing their “Long live curiosity” shirts as uniforms. The questions they printed in larger-than-life portico banners. It seems that curiosity will live on, indeed.

Agency: VSA Partners
Creative Directors: Tohru Oyasu, Rainer Schmitt, Denison Kusano
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Merit Award winner: 2018 Graphis Design Annual