When you grow up in the Midwest, a love of cheese is paramount. So when they put me on the social account for Borden Cheese, it seemed like a childhood of mac-n-cheese consumption was finally going to get put to use. That and all my time spent on the internet. We brought fresh content to Borden’s Facebook and Instagram pages beyond the standard recipe fare. And then we showed them how to take grilled cheese to the next level.



My most poignant writing? Doubtful. My most fun? Absolutely. Enough to spend a Saturday night writing 14 love letters to cheese in honor of Valentine's Day. Plus we even got the fans involved.

See people eating it up on their Facebook page.


How does a cheese brand celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day? By making one out of every slice they offer (duh). A spoof on classic recipe videos, this was one of those “wait, they actually bought it?!” ideas, and a fun challenge to shoot in-house.


Agency: VSA Partners // Creative Director: Jim Toth // Designers: Andrea Dunn, Jimi Geiyer