One of my favorite things about working at VSA was my chance to work on a variety of internal projects, bringing a voice (and occasional sarcasm) to everything from job descriptions and recruitment materials to the website and our intern program.



For one recruiting event, we wanted to create a unique takeaway that let people know who we really are behind the deep dark website. Inspired by an old Pitchfork piece of swag and the yet-to-be-explained adult coloring book trend, we created an “activity book” full of VSA-isms. History, office jokes, office landmarks…it’s all in there. I’m still not sure how we got away with it.


Every year, VSA pulls out all the stops to give its interns a warm, friendly, well-designed welcome (together with a life-changing/career-making program). I was not only a mentor for our copywriting intern but got to help create and concept the materials our interns received in the days before—and the day of—the program.


Agency: VSA Partners // Designers: Jarrod Ryhal, Lauren Bergstrand